About Vintage Sound Amps…

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Vintage Sound Amps is located in Gulf Breeze, Florida. Our philosophy in amp building is very simple –we strive to build the cleanest sounding amplifier using vintage mid-60’s Black Face circuitry (with modifications unique to Vintage Sound) using the best components available today.

All amps are point-to-point hand-wired. All cabinets are custom built for Vintage Sound Amps and built with high quality pine using dove-tail joints. We use top quality filter caps and electrolytics, carbon comp resistors, Orange Drop tone caps, solid core pushback wire, JJ and Ruby Tubes, custom hand wound transformers Made in the USA with your choice of Warehouse (WGS) or Weber speakers all Made In USA. Optional accessories include two-button footswitch and custom padded cover by D2F. All amps include a dated tube chart on the inside of the cabinet. All amplifier chassis and cabinets are personally signed and dated.

An era correct black two-button footswitch is available at an additional cost.

Check out our amplifiers for sale, and we guarantee your ears will thank you when they hear those smooth, buttery tones!

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