Vintage Sound custom amps were inspired by the Black Face amps of the mid ’60s. 

All Vintage Sound 2 channel Vintage Series amps come standard with a Diaz tremolo mod, plus a re-voiced normal channel with reverb and tremolo effects.

The Vintage 15  and Vintage 20 are from our Vintage Series line and are single-channel amplifiers . We build everything from the Vintage 15 (Black Face Princeton Reverb® size amp with a 12″ speaker) to the Vintage 85 (Black Face Twin Reverb® size amp).  All Vintage Series amplifiers are available in a head cabinet with a matching extension cab in various speaker configurations.  Our amps are built using to of the line hand wound Black Face  transformer sets. All amps are hand-wired, point-to-point, using solid core vintage-style pushback cloth covered wire, carbon comp resistors, premium quality electrolytics and filter caps, and Orange Drop tone caps. The Vintage Series amps are housed in high quality Black Face era correct dove-tail jointed pine cabinets custom built for Vintage Sound Amps. All of our amps come with a choice of WGS and Weber Speakers, custom faceplate, and a five-year limited warranty to the original owner. Our signature amp, the Vintage Sound Classic, from our Classic Series, is housed in a custom built furniture quality solid cherry wood  cabinet.

The Retro Series  are based on the Black Face mid 60’s amps. We have a 20 & 40 watt model available as a 2×10, 1×12 or 1×15 amp.