01 Dec 2010

Danick Dupelle
– Emerson Drive

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“I just upgraded the two Blackface Recreation Super Reverb amps I bought from Rick of Vintage Sound Amps, Inc. with two of his VS410’s. The sound of the Black Face Recreation Super Reverbs was so incredible!

The day I got my first Super Reverb, I plugged in my Telecaster and was speechless. I just couldn’t believe the amps tone and fatness, nothing like the supers I had 20 years ago. I had to have the pair so; I called him up and ordered another. The combination of Weber speakers used and top quality parts makes his a emersondrivesuperior amp. Rick built me two custom VS410’s in Blonde Tolex with Oxblood grill cloth and the sound was even tighter than the Black Face Recreation Super Reverbs. I had to have them so I traded in the two Super Reverbs I had initially purchased from him. Ricks care and professionalism is put into each product and on top of that he’s a great guy. When you need and amp and want TONE Rick is the man!”

Danick Dupelle – Emerson Drive

Emerson Drive