“I just bought a Twin that is unbelieveable. It is an early ’70s blackfaced, new Mojo cab, new Ruby tubes, carbon comp resistors, Sprague caps, all new cabinet hardware, new footswitch, Weber California 12s, and Fender cover.

It is basically all new except for the chassis and the transformers. It looks like a brand new ’65 Twin.

I have owned two Twins with JBLs and I have been playing a 65 Reissue for about five years. This amp blows them away…not even close. And, one of the best things is it doesn’t weigh as much as my friend’s 73 Silverface with stock Fender speakers. It is pretty close to the weight of my Reissue. Mojo uses pine and I guess Fender uses something heavier??

It cost me about the same as a ’65 Reissue and it is not even in the same class as a Reissue. I’ll match it with any Twin I’ve ever heard.”

“Rick took a 1970 ‘Silverface’ chassis, and transformed it into the best sounding “Twin” that Doc’s ever heard…..(he’s had quite a few over the years…and he says this is the best by a mile.) To quote Doc; “On a scale of 1 to 10, this Twin is a 921!” Rick removed everything but the transformers, and came back with a point to point wired chassis with all new top of the line components, and transformed it into a fabulous ’65 Twin! He added a new Mojo cabinet, Weber California 12″ speakers.(JBL Clones) IT DOESEN’T GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS!!”

“My Twin continues to crank out super volume and tone – I love this amp! I recently got a vintage ’65 Fender Jazzmaster body and most of the original electronics and hardware. I restored it as best I could back to its original condition, giving it a new neck, Seymour Duncan Antiquity II pickups and a period-correct nitro lacquer paint job in Daphne blue. The amp and guitar sound superb together. I can’t thank you enough for crafting such a great amp – I challenge anyone to show me a vintage, pure-stock mid-60s AB763 amp from Fender that surpasses the tone and soulfulness of my VS Twin Reverb. Can’t thank you enough!”

“I have been playing 47 years…Pro for 40, touring Pro for 35. I own and have owned the following brands of guitars, amps, sound equipment, and effects: Gibson, Fender, Ken Smith, Sadowsky, JBL, Tom Anderson, Guild, Gretch, Martin, Taylor, Marshall, Ampeg, Matchless, Vox, Hammond, Jones, Peavey, SWR, Demeter, Acme, Stewart-World, Crown, Yamaha, Evantide, Lexicon, Boss, DigiTech, and more.

If this amp ever turns up missing, the first thing that I’ll do is call Rick at Vintage Sound, and have him start building me another one. I’m probably going to have him make me one of his Silverface to Blackface Super conversions as well. His stuff is priced about the same as Fender’s re-issue stuff, and performs beyond anyone’s custom shop level.

I love everything about this amp. The only thing that I hate about the amp is the weight, and it’s actually lighter than the original…(due to the fingerjointed Pine cabinet by Mojo.) These amps weigh a lot. No great amp is light.

There is nothing to compare this with if you want true, original Twin Reverb sound. NOTHING! I’ve owned the original ’65 Twin Reverb, and it didn’t sound this good.”

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